May. 12th, 2011

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so it's the start of another year in my travels around this planet and I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it as it approached really.  Last year was a pretty wild ride in a weird kind of way.  A lot of it was spent rearranging things I'd thought were pretty set and tackling things (or being tackled) from a whole new angle.  All in all it was a good year... but an uncomfortable one and there are still some things that started rolling during it that aren't done rolling yet. 

And then you all showed up with your verbal snuggles like a rainstorm and totally buried me in affection.  Being reminded that I was important enough to be  remembered and that I was that loved... it's changed the way the upcoming year's coming in and I'm really liking the new view of it.  So thank you to everyone that took the time to let me know I was precious whether here, or through my email or just with their thoughts.  It's changed both the way I'm going into this next year and this next year itself.  Thank you for that.  Thank you more than I can say.

And, to share the wealth because the best part of getting new toys is sharing them with others - two new fics for you!  My beloved [ profile] fenikkusuken pulled together with her bunnies from the hutch and brought in summer with the kind of heat that you don't mind at all with her story windswept.  And a new addition to my 'Must.  Read.  Immediately!' list comes in from [ profile] lr_darkeyes92 with the kind of wonderful 'how it all started - again' that I will never get tired of reading -  exclusive. Both are really melt your bones sweet with their own tangs of solid Cloti goodness that remind you why we love this pairing so and are definite Must Reads.  Make sure you leave them plenty of juicy reviews because that will hopefully encourage them to Do It Again!  (cause there's never enough Cloti) ;)

On top of that all - happy, happy, happy day, Holly! 

Thanks, my much loved and adored, crazy, wonderful, large-hearted sweetheart friends.  You've given me an awesome birthday and a new year to look forward to.  Rock on.


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