Feb. 14th, 2012 01:18 pm
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Title:  Envy
Author/artist: TamLin
Setting: post ACC
Rating: T
Summary:  the prompt was Envy.  And one of these days I'm going to be able to write something that's MORE than 100 words long.  But hey, even 100 words is longer than I've managed for a long time so I'll take it!  Triumph doesn't mean lack of tragedy.

The way the sun heats your hair.  The way the rain chills your skin.  The smell of something delicious cooking.  Honest dirt under your fingernails.  A hard day’s work well done.   A place you made all your own.   A ride on the Highwind.  The places you’ve seen.  The chance to revisit them any time you want.  Pictures drawn by children with stumpy crayons and full hearts.  Faces of friends.   Hands that reach for you at the end of the day.  Finally having everything you want, everything you always wanted.  Laughing.  Crying. Living.  Dying.  From the Lifestream…  how I envy you.

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happy new year to you and yours

and may God bless in the coming year - may it kick 2010's ass...
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yeah, so I missed the 'moment of zen' last week and won't be around to post one this upcoming week either.  Cloudy-goodness to the rescue!

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by tamara alvarez
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cause I was going to welcome you to LJ by finding pictures of lots of different Cloud plushies and photoshopping them all together to represent your rather large group -

buuuuuuut -

I looked this up by one of my favorite artists over on DeviantArt instead.  Hope it works.

by meru-chan


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