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I had so much fun with everyone guessing at who was who in the game.  Here's the official list and we'll see how well I did at representing everyone.

Swift – Reno

Mace – Yuffie

Black – Zack

White – Sephiroth

Lily - Tseng

Tifa’s fiancée - Rude

Terrorists – Yazoo, Loz, Kadaj (with Kadaj being the one inside the computer)

and congrats to everyone that figured out the inside joke that 'Steve' and 'Ayumi' are the English and Japanese voice actors for Cloud and Tifa respectively. ;)


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so, for once, I'm actually early instead of late about this but tomorrow's going to be crazy for me and I didn't want to miss wishing [livejournal.com profile] stairstothe7th  a happy birthday!!  So - happy birthday, my sweet and precious friend.  I hope you like the gift.  I thought you need more Zack.

Title:  Awkward
Author/artist:  TamLin
Setting: AU
Rating: T
Summary: a 200 word drabble prompted by the word 'awkward'.  And let me tell you - it was supposed to be 100 words.  See how bad I am? lol

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avatar 19

May. 31st, 2011 01:38 am
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Title:  Avatar 19
Author/artist:  TamLin
Setting: AU
Rating: T
Summary: waking up tonight, the team finally decided to tell me what was going on.  All I've got to say is...

holy shit.

tell me if any parts of this don't make sense?

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