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It's [livejournal.com profile] sekiharatae's birthday today!!  Hip hip huzzah!!  I really wanted to write you a story, Tae but my brain's creativity was shriveled up and all that happened when I rattled it was a mild desire for Mexican food.  So if you give me a prompt or an idea or something!anything! I will apply brain power and write like a fiend (or a very loopy person on soda - and possibly Taco Bell) for you.  And in the meantime, enjoy some pretty pictures.  Hope your birthday kicks ass, Tae.  Demand cake!

by jaguna on deviantART

and last but not least, a reminder of what makes you the special, unique individual you are.  I'll let Captain America and Ironman speak for me.

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stupid... LJ... what if I post everything in HTML AND limit the number of pictures AND cross my fingers AND dot my 'i's and try it for the THIRD TIME?! I mean - hey, I'm a day late for some LJ related reason but happy birthday to our own [livejournal.com profile] laura_josephsen!! Let me try to celebrate again by seeing if I can get some pictures up! Hope it was very happy and you're stretching it out as long as you possibly can :D

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due to a serious lack of being-able-to-edit-past-entries-ability, I'm going to put the translations that were beautifully translated for the doujinshi pages previous here instead.  First up:  thanks to Kainos Ktisis from ffnet (if you haven't read her stuff, you REALLY need to) who was kind enough to translate the Chinese of the first picture for us.  It reads as following:

Panel 1 (left vertical):
I will protect you! (bold letters across the top)
Kiss! (single character bubble)
can't believe it!! That girl stole so much from us that we can't even
buy a bottle of Phoenix Downs (i think that's what it is anyway)!! I'm
so freaking mad!

Panel 2 (top right):
Yuffie: Come to Wutai if you have the guts.
Cloud: Materia...My last tangible assets...

Panel 3: Immediately takes the opportunity to reveal his feelings (words across the bottom of panel)
Cloud (left bubble): But Tifa...even if I don't have a single materia or ether, I will still protect you!
(right bubble): Hmm...

Panel 4: In an enemy encounter. The problem is... (words on top and bottom of panel)
Cloud: Waya!!!!
fx: Pow!
Tifa: Ah! Cloud!

Panel 5: Without materia, he's like a weak chicken (words across the bottom of panel)
Walking quickly away (words on the left)
Tifa: Let's head towards Wutai...We'll steal back those materia for you. Don't worry, I'll protect you along the way.
S-sorry for the trouble (OR: Th-thanks. "Sorry for the trouble" is
closer to the literal meaning, but "Thanks" translates a little better.)

The middle picture we'll all continue to guess on though to me it looks like a polite wrestling match to get Tifa OUT of that shirt.

And the third picture has a translation now too thanks to our own [livejournal.com profile] sekiharatae who hit up her resources and got us a peek into Cloud and Tifa's sex life.

First panel: "...W-Wait, Cloud. Did you remember to lock the door?"

Second panel: Waiting for her to lock the door.

Third panel: "...Oh...I think I forgot to turn off the gas on the stove..."

Fourth panel: Waiting for her to turn off the gas.

So it looks like our hero just can't catch a break.  But as long as he's got Tifa with him it looks like it'll be fine ;)
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so, today is [livejournal.com profile] sorrowsflower 's birthday.  She's been working her tail off as at the hospital lately and if how she manages that level of stress and dedication I'll never know.  But she's amazing and frazzled and it's her birthday - which means presents!  Happy birthday, sweetheart.  I wanted to give you something sweet and peaceful and I hope this helps.

His world

He watches the rain
Not through the glass of the window
But instead he watches its reflection
Against her pale skin as she sleeps.

He watches the sun
Not with eyes on the sky
But instead he watches the way it
Catches in her hair when she turns suddenly to look at him.

He watches the moon
Not by the shadows it casts on the wooden floor once the lights are gone
But instead he watches it fill the hollows
Of her collarbone and wonders if trapped light has a taste.

He watches the world
Not by the rushing blur it gives him as it unwinds in front of his eyes
But instead he watches it in every shade and shadow and point of light
That shows over her quietly expressive face.

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pic spam time again and this time it's in honor of [livejournal.com profile] oceanee  who's birthday is today!!  Hope you have a blast and enjoy your day/week/month immensely! :D

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it's birthday time again and this time it's for [livejournal.com profile] knit_lace !  Since she's always doing such beautiful photo manips I went (and I'm no good at all with that kind of thing) I went and found some for her instead!  Hope they're good for you and hope your day is amazing!

by nicegal1 at dA

by shurikitten on dA

by sakuragirl202 on dA

and last but not least an icon by strifegirl on dA and [livejournal.com profile] strifegirl 

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I had so much fun with everyone guessing at who was who in the game.  Here's the official list and we'll see how well I did at representing everyone.

Swift – Reno

Mace – Yuffie

Black – Zack

White – Sephiroth

Lily - Tseng

Tifa’s fiancée - Rude

Terrorists – Yazoo, Loz, Kadaj (with Kadaj being the one inside the computer)

and congrats to everyone that figured out the inside joke that 'Steve' and 'Ayumi' are the English and Japanese voice actors for Cloud and Tifa respectively. ;)


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it's [livejournal.com profile] raquelviva 's birthday today!  So, in honor of a happy birthday and the visual goodies she always shares, it's pic spam time!

by khanshin on dA


I have no idea what's being said but the pictures alone made me laugh.  Hope you enjoy and happy birthday!!
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so, for once, I'm actually early instead of late about this but tomorrow's going to be crazy for me and I didn't want to miss wishing [livejournal.com profile] stairstothe7th  a happy birthday!!  So - happy birthday, my sweet and precious friend.  I hope you like the gift.  I thought you need more Zack.

Title:  Awkward
Author/artist:  TamLin
Setting: AU
Rating: T
Summary: a 200 word drabble prompted by the word 'awkward'.  And let me tell you - it was supposed to be 100 words.  See how bad I am? lol

Read more... )


avatar 19

May. 31st, 2011 01:38 am
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Title:  Avatar 19
Author/artist:  TamLin
Setting: AU
Rating: T
Summary: waking up tonight, the team finally decided to tell me what was going on.  All I've got to say is...

holy shit.

tell me if any parts of this don't make sense?

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So - it's [livejournal.com profile] amethyst_key 's birthday today and she left a prompt for me oh ever so long ago.  Today - I actually filled it ;)  So, happy birthday, amethyst!  I hope it's a wonderful day full of all kinds of good surprises and lots and lots of love all around.

Title: Trying
Author/Artist: TamLin
Setting: FFVII gametime
Pairing: Cloud/Tifa
Rating: T
Summary: for the prompt: Cloud/Tifa - 'he'd have to make sure he kept his hands to himself'

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