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it's not quite midnight yet - I'm still on time



a vision of the future

and hey - while I'm at it - you guys have to go over to her site on YouTube.  Not only does she do awesome vids with a very nice Cloti flavor but she's also gone through the trouble of uploading all the Cloud and/or Tifa moments from Crisis Core, Kingdom Hearts, AND Dirge.  'Cause she rocks like that ;)  Can't tell you how many times she's saved my skin when I'm writing something and can't remember a specific :D

heh - yeah, almost didn't get this up in time I was caught rewatching her vids - lol

happy birthday, raquel!!!
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To my very beloved and adored [livejournal.com profile] stairstothe7th .

I looked for big hair bands and FFVII - and this is what I got.  I hope you like it.

happy birthday from me and all the moogles hams!!  Stretch it out for as long as you can.  You deserve some happy!
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soooo... guess who has less than two chapters to go to finish her big WIP - and swore up and down she was going to finish that today when she was at work -

and spent all her time on ebay coming up with a new cosplay costume instead?

yeah, about that....

also, it seems many of my LJ friends are sick and/or not feeling well.  Hope this helps.

now if you'll excuse me - the hamster's just jumped into the sink.
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need a second - third, fourth, etc - opinion.  I've got green eyes and am doing a Tifa cosplay.  Trying to find the right color contacts.  So...



cherry hazel

or for that matter does anyone have any other contact places/colors they'd recommend?  I'm open to options :D  Don't have to figure anything out right away.  Megacon isn't until the middle of March.


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