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to slip into Christianity for a minute - my favorite part of the Easter story, the bit that always makes me cry, is that in the middle of everything He was doing at that time(great glorious resurrection, triumphant trip to heaven, hell in chaos, being so coated with the spirit that He was untouchable to mortals) Jesus stopped - 

just because she was crying. 

by liz lemon swindle

It's one of the sweetest parts of the entire story for me.  For a long time the organized church has missed it but - Jesus has always had a soft spot for women and He was (and is still) moved by our joys and our tears. 

So whether you celebrate with bunnies and candy and eggs, church songs and bells, both, neither, or just a nice quiet day with what makes you happy, I hope everyone has a blessed and happy Easter today. 
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and there was much rejoicing.

or there will be - once I get some sleep.

'cause I finished Vermillion today!  Actually, I'd written the last chapter a couple of days ago but it needed an epilogue to wrap things up nicely and today at work when I should have been sleeping working, I did it (mentally runs around throwing confetti and tooting a cheap horn)!

of course, writing it at work was a bit... interesting.  Close your eyes, [livejournal.com profile] momcalling , [livejournal.com profile] nekohooch, [livejournal.com profile] parapluies and [livejournal.com profile] stairstothe7th  -

*shhh* cause it's kind of sad at the beginning and my throat was closing up as I was writing and that damn phone kept ringing and I had to keep pulling down deep breaths so I could answer it without sounding like I was on the verge of crying (which is not what you're wanting to hear from the front desk clerk when you call a hotel to confirm your reservation - or ask a stupid question - guess which I got more of).

okay, you guys can open your eyes again.

anyway, I felt very pleased with the way it came out and really liked the ending for it's wham!bam!huzzah, ma'am! ahhhhhh awwww ending.  Am quite pleased with myself at the moment and am treating to the ice cream in my freezer if anyone is interested.  We have Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia and Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.  Anything not claimed - I will be eating tonight!

and no, I'm not drunk.  But they didn't have a 'smug' icon.

of course, now I can relax and know that I'm covered for the last few weeks that Vermillion has to post.  I was worried there for a bit.  But - another big project down and wow, after over ten years, I'm finally starting to finish stories I start. 

I need to find the appropriate picture to end this with...

by renny08
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oh, SQUEEE!!!  I'm so excited about this!  I mean, so excited that the little smile face icons just aren't explosive enough!  SorrowsFlower over on ffnet has written a companion piece to my 'First Steps' from my FTOG folder.  She's an AMAZING writer and I'm so flattered and delighted and hopped up (and no, it's not that I got the extra big Coke from McDonalds on the way in to work tonight).  I'm going to include a link to this where I posted 'First Steps' as well but that's a heckova long way in the past on my posts and so I'm going to put a link here too.  She's awesome and her take on the story is awesome.  She does Cloud so well.  You've got to, got to, go check it out and please leave reviews too (cause they feed writer's souls - and you never know, it might convince her to do moar!).

Title: Hero
Author/Artist: SorrowsFlower
Timeline:  FFVII
Rating: T
Pairing: Cloud/Tifa
Summary: because heroes aren't supposed to let the people they care for get hurt.  *CloTi oneshot, in-game.  Companion piece to kitsune13's 'First Steps'*


oh, and ps - she's dealing with writer's block and asking for prompts....  you want more Cloti - have at her! :D

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maybe it's because [info]nekohooch  is doing a poem a day - I'm not sure what jogged this in my memory.  I remember reading it in elementary school at the library where we used to wait for our mom to pick us up.  I remember the line: 'the Sea Wolf rides on plunging tides' and that was about it.  Every now and then, for no known reason though, that line will bubble up inside me and finally, finally, the internet provides me my answer.  Still no idea who wrote it though.

The fishermen say, when your catch is done
And you’re sculling in with the tide,
You must take great care that the Sea Wolf’s share
Is tossed to him overside.

They say that the Sea Wolf rides, by day,
Unseen on the crested waves,
And the sea mists rise from his cold green eyes
When he comes from his salt sea caves.

The fishermen say, when it storms at night
And the great seas bellow and roar,
That the Sea Wolf rides on the plunging tides,
And you hear his howl at the door.

And you must throw open your door at once,
And fling your catch to the waves,
Til he drags his share to his cold sea lair,
Straight down to his salt sea caves.

Then the storm will pass, and the still stars shine,
In peace-so the fisherman say-
But the Sea Wolf waits by the cold Sea Gates
For the dawn of another day.

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fortes fortuna adiuvat


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