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Please put this on your status if you know someone (or are related to someone) who has been EATEN by HAMSTERS!
Hamsters are nearly unstoppable and, they can also BREATHE FIRE.....
93% of people won’t copy and paste this, because they have already been eaten by hamsters. 6% of people are sitting in their showers armed with fire extinguishers, and the remaining 1% are awesome and will repost.
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there has been a bit of busyness at my house recently.

BEWARE!!! of the evil that follows on tiny pink feet! )
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People look at my sweet, sweet little boys and they wonder how any hamster could survive out in the wild.

Have a wild hamster.

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Things are rolling pretty fast around here and I'm trying to keep up.  I missed our moment of zen though.  Here, have a moment of stalking instead.

someone has still not gotten over the arrival of the cross dressing ham.  someone is insisting on keeping an eye on said tricky, little, cross-dressing ham.  someone has apparently developed an unhealthy obsession.
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Cloud loves hamsters
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I lost Booth yesterday
the avalanche of hamsters waiting at the gates of heaven for me has gotten a little larger

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soooo... guess who has less than two chapters to go to finish her big WIP - and swore up and down she was going to finish that today when she was at work -

and spent all her time on ebay coming up with a new cosplay costume instead?

yeah, about that....

also, it seems many of my LJ friends are sick and/or not feeling well.  Hope this helps.

now if you'll excuse me - the hamster's just jumped into the sink.
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It all started just before I was going to Texas.  I needed to buy a little bird feeder so I could be sure Booth could get water if she decided to ignore her water bottle.  As is my - stupid - wont I wandered over to look at the baby hamsters since I was at the pet store anyway.  All the hams were in their usual dog pile in one corner... except for one tiiiiiiny black bear all huddled up in the far corner. 

'Aw, lonely black bear' I thought, scooping it up.  After a brief attempt at jumping to freedom the little thing settled right in, all big ears and big eyes... and big sides. 

Now it's hard to tell with hamsters but this one sure looked pregnant and I thought 'crap, she's way too young and way too small to be pregnant.  That's life threatening kind of stuff.  And they've got her in the cage with the other hams too so we're talking high stress and if she manages to have babies, and she doesn't eat them, the others will'. 

So I brought her up to the front and pointed it out to the woman - and offered to buy her.  The woman flipped the little ham over on her back to get a good look at her and mentioned that the nipples hadn't popped yet so she had a couple more days until she gave birth.  I got a travel cage to go - since I was on my way to work - and off we all went.  Cute ham, sweet ham, very attentive and intelligent ham.  Got awwwed over a lot at work.  I brought her home and introduced her to the other hams and Ralf ATTACKED!!! her!  Luckily I've got fast hands - and hams - and so no harm was done but I found it kind of odd that my sweet, dense, laid back dude was aggressive.  Still, I settled her into a new house and she made it a point that, no matter the hour or day, if I walked into the room, she'd be by the door to greet me.  Her cage door, not my bedroom door.

Well, long story short, a few days later I suspected the ham wasn't pregnant after all, which was an obvious relief, and about two days before I left I realized why - and why pregnancy was NEVER going to happen to this one.  That's right, new years eve had apparently arrived and the ball (balls) had suddenly dropped. 

Yep, that's right.  Needless to say - 'Bonnie' needed a name change.  I wanted to go with Robin the Boy Wonder - but he wouldn't answer to it.  Bert however, he did answer to and so now I have a tiny Prince Albert in a Can (which is a monumentally ancient gag I would be surprised if anyone knew).  So there I am - three black bears, two of them boys when I'd sworn I wouldn't get boy hamsters.  Albert is being super attentive and sweet however and Booth absolutely adores him - even if he does try to hump her face because he's still working out how that thing goes...

ps - he not only cross dresses, he also thinks he's a bat-ham

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so... everyone remembers Ralf, right?  Teeny, tiny, sweet, slightly dense Ralf of the romantic hijinks?  Well, he's not so small anymore.  But considering the way he sleeps - well, let's just say the fact that all that blood is regularly rushing to his head apparently explains a whole lot.  He's such a little dude.

cut for flaunted nudity )
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I finally made it home!

it was fun, it was busy, it was interesting (in a good way, not in the 'I can't think of anything good to say' way).  Still busy catching up but in the meantime, happy Passover, all!
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so yeah - hamster in the closet.  Mom and baby seem to be doing fine, I caught a look at them both earlier today.  Here's the part though -

last night I put a little bit of hard boiled egg out on a dish for Booth (protein for the nursing mum) and, since I wasn't sure if she'd figured out the crawling into her cage in the other corner of the closet for water (she had), a small plastic soda cap with some water in it.  Today I checked.  The egg is gone.

So is the plastic bottle cap.
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does anyone remember Moving Day from the movie The Secret of NIMH

Yeah, that was my bedroom at about five this morning. 

First off, all those goobs of information online about baby hamsters, etc - yeah, well, throw that out the window.  I've been having the week from cheese grater - ie. I feel like I'm regularly being run over a cheese grater.  Did you know that no one bothers tell you that the mama hamster will have light bleeding up to a week after giving birth?  Cause they do and if no one tells you that the first time you pick your baby up in your hands and she leaves spots of blood behind three days after having her babies, you tend to freak.  Also when you notice she's got lumps on her sides near her hips - it tends to make you nervous (thank you, pet store lady, for telling me they were either tumors or rotting unborn babies and not the milk ducts the vet later told me they were).  I suppose if I was just breeding hamsters for fun and profit I wouldn't really worry too much but I'm breeding hamsters because I want a second generation of these very odd and wonderful, very specific little critters that regularly harass me and make me smile (not to mention my hamster huffing habit needs a continuation and one of these hamsters smells like dusty cinnamon). 

Besides, I'm a bit of a hoverer.

To start the story, we're down to one baby.  I'm not sure how the other two died but Booth doesn't eat her babies the way the information tells you.  Instead she buries them in her nest.  Which is sweet... and probably not the most sanitary.  Looking up information on the internet it mentioned that, should a hamster not eat all of a baby, it's safe to remove the remains from the nest while she is away - being careful, of course, not to touch anything and leave you scent behind (because mama's eat their babies that don't smell right).  So, while she was out rampaging around the room last night and dumped the food in her cheeks in a corner of the closet after ripping up a bit more of the carpet there, I went in with a pair of sterilized tweezers, careful not to touch the remaining baby, and took out the bodies (which are now buried in my rosemary).  I touched nothing and when she got back in her cage, I distracted her with a blueberry (we both adore those) and after a sniff at her remaining baby she got on the wheel and went for one of her casual 'I'm too cool to run' strolls.

All seemed well.

All seemed well until about an hour later when I heard the baby crying.  It's a strange little sucking, sea gull noise that's hard to explain.  Me being me I flipped open my cell phone, got out of bed and checked.  Booth was frantically carrying the remaining baby around the cage and around in circles (which is no easy thing considering the size of the tusks those critters have on them).  As soon as she saw me she ran over to the door of the cage and went up on her back legs, the signal that she wants out. 

With a mouthful of baby.

Well, the answer to that is obviously 'heck no!' and I retreated so that she would put the baby down somewhere, make a new nest, whatever hammie instincts told her to do.  Five minutes later the baby is still crying and the skin is starting to stretch red and Booth is still frantic and running around in circles.  Every time she puts the baby down there's this horrible sight of watching her trying to carefully pick it back up again even though she can't see it with her eyes positioned on either side of her head and wiggly baby screaming and - so fine!  I open the door and hold out my hands for her.  Booth immediately crawls up the side of the cage, into my hands - baby still in mouth - and, not knowing what else to do (I don't have spare cages, the baby's just got ordered) I set her on the desk top.  Around and around the desktop at frantic speed.  Baby's still crying.  I pick Booth and baby back up, put them back in the cage and pull the cover over it, hoping the lack of me will help.  Baby's still crying, Booth is frantically pacing in front of the door.

And that, officer, is how I ended up with a hamster nest in the corner of my closet.

The second I put her there, she darted back to her previous seed stash.  Came back with the baby missing and the seeds she'd been carrying in her cheek gone.  Took the torn up toilet paper I offered her and carried it back to the nest.  A minute later, she's back and packing down more paper, some of her cage cover I'd cut off for her, and some seeds.  Back to the nest she went.  By now it's six in the morning.  My nerves are shot and there's no WAY I'm going to sleep anytime soon.  Booth however is happily ramping around in the closet, gathering stores I've scattered around for her to find.  Last I saw of her, she'd curled up in a ball around her remaining baby in the corner of the closet and was sleeping the sleep of the pure e-vile.  Thank God that closet has been a favorite den of iniquity for my hamsters for years and I'd already hamster proofed it.  I left the open cage in the closet so she could get to her water and anything else she wanted in there.

One more week to go before the baby's eyes are open and the fur is all filled in.  At that point I'm supposed to be allowed to touch it and to clean the cage. 

dryly, very dryly, I would like to submit that I'm way beyond that point. 
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and the number of your count shall be... three.


Booth has babies!

I mean, I suspected when she woke me up at 6 am Friday morning and the bedding was moving where she wasn't (why, oh why - only my hamster would decide to make her nest IN the wheel)  Suspected - couldn't tell by the light of a cell phone and a desire not to stress her and induce cannibalism.  Can't shift through the bedding or bother her too much either for the same reason.  Every indication was pointing to babies, including her lack of moving from the wheel but I couldn't see anything with all that bedding in the way.  I brought her flax seed today though and she lured out of her wheel long enough to scarf it up.  And as she did - three little pink things were revealed.


I'm so hyper at the moment I need to go self-medicate with ice cream or something.  I've got little pink things living in my bedroom - lol

I'm a hammie-grammie.  Or gram-ham.  Or just a little bit weird and too easily excited.  But I'm happy and my little fuzzy has little - er... not-yet-fuzzies so that's what counts :D
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it occurred to me that, while I talk about the culprits regularly I should really give visuals.  Why?  Because.  So here's the last two.

Beatrice (aka 'Sweet Feet'): a hardened criminal who's deviancy includes sneaking into her sister's house to steal food, walking on top of her sister's house while her sister is trapped inside, and running, continuously, across her mother while said mother is trying to take a nap.

Bonzai (aka Little Red): sister to the notorious Sweet Feet, named for her throwing herself wildly from the hands of her owner at the time of adoption in a bid for freedom.  Other crimes include waiting at the bedroom door and making a break for it when the door opens to admit someone, robbing her mother of the use of a pillow by sleeping under it at nap time,  TWICE having escaped through the crack between the tub and the wall in order to give her mother a heart attack, general harassment of other hams including but not limited to toe biting, and knowing where the food is hidden and angling for chances to sit in the food box and stuff her cheeks. 

I'd include a picture of Booth that isn't just her butt as well but I think you'll be seeing plenty of those for the next month or two. 

siiiiigh, its not easy living with such evil but somebody's got to keep that Pandora's box shut.
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so... you remember my cheerfully mockery of my little male bear, Ralf?

~cue the title~

that's my Booth baby as of yesterday.

She'll get mad if she knows I'm showing everyone what a big butt she's grown.
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as all good stories start, this one begins with the words:

"Why Tam shouldn't be allowed to go into a pet store when she's stressed..."


so you know, or don't, that I have a bit of a hamster addiction. It's not bad, I swear! I only huff them on Very Bad Days and despite my Evil Sister's TM best attempts, I do NOT take every single one I find home with me. However, as the aforementioned moral of this sordid tale is - yeah, I went into the pet store the other day to buy hamster food and came out with -


that's right. I couldn't resist the black hole like draw of another black bear hamster.

His name is Ralf.

For those of you that know me well, or have heard the conversation before - yeah... yeah, that's a his on the front of his name. I, who have always bought only girls - brought home a boy. Brought home a boy hamster into a household of female hamsters. And - before you ask - eyeah, there's really no way you can mistakenly bring home a boy. I'm just going to say 'pink beanbags' and leave it at that.

So I've got Ralf home and he's living next to my other black bear hamster, Booth, aka Bunta-kun, in a little travel cage while I wait for my Living World SpaceStation to come in the mail. He has no concept of personal space but is also too young to know what to do with the girls when they 'assume the position'. Strangely he's only gotten his little butt kicked once considering these flaws and my girls notoriously short tempers with nonsense. Eventually he'll move in with Booth but for now I let them all play together under close supervision and while Beatrice, aka Sweet Feet, is enamored with him, Bonzai, aka Little Red, could care less. Booth ignores him - which, according to all my anime experience is the perfect set up for a long, devoted relationship later on once he's older.

Anyway, what I'd forgotten - 'cause it's been a while since Bubbles was alive and my current flurry of girls couldn't care less - is that hamsters are escape artists extraordinaire. So two nights ago when I got home and opened my bedroom door with my usual 'hey babies' I noticed - 'hn. Ralf's cage is a clear block of plastic - and I don't see him in it.' The little blighter, while I was at work dealing with obnoxious kids and drunk men wanting me to call the police for them because their wife bit them, had added 'Rotten' to the front of his name, climbed up his water bottle, pushed it an inch to the side against the plastic roof of his house - and made a break for it.

Nicely, because of the previously mentioned Bubbles, I'm in the habit of leaving the door to whatever room they're staying in closed so I know he's somewhere in my bedroom. I start hunting through the closet - a favorite hammie watering hole and general den of iniquity - calling his name which comes out something like 'Ralfffiss. Raaaaalf. Rotten Ralf!' - when I hear the distinct patter of tiny hammie feet. On my bed spread. Considering his much shorter height than the girls and the fact his upper body strength isn't as developed as theirs - I'm not quite sure how he got up there - but there he is, cheerfully darting out from under the pillows into the middle of the bedspread and jolting up on his little back legs to greet me.

He shouldn't even recognize his name yet. Much less come when I call. Maybe he missed me. Or maybe he really is that smart. No matter what the reason, you can bet when the cage came in the mail the next day I let myself be a bit late for work just so I could put it together and move him into it.


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