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my nephew finally got to the 'date' part of Final Fantasy VII.  I helped freak him out by telling him he might end up on a date with Barret. 

He didn't.

He got Tifa.

he kissed her and then regretted not kissing the dragon instead.

He was also VERY upset that she didn't tell him she loved him.  I pointed out that he hadn't told her either and he said that wasn't the point.  She just needed to tell him and then everything would be okay. 

He's a very smart boy.


Dec. 12th, 2009 10:31 pm
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Title: Pink
Author/Artist: TamLin
Setting: Final Fantasy VII - game-time
Rating: T
Summary: suddenly, hearing voices in his head and not remembering his past are the least of his worries.

(inspired by my nephew's reaction the first time he played FFVII)

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we miss you, Bill Watterson
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so my 11 year old nephew - whom I adore - was asked to complete a writing assignment by his teacher. The subject of the paper was: 'What would I do if I was the teacher for a day?'

You'd really expect teachers to be more savvy.

My nephew wrote:

One day the teacher called in sick. He said, “Calvin, I want you to teach the class.” I was happy as a bee. I told the class to line up and stop at the top of the stairs. “All right, class,” I said, “for today’s assignment, you get to throw things off the balcony.” YAY! BOOSH!! BOOM! CRASH! WOOHOO!!

“What’s going on here?” said the principal. Oh no! The principal! She chased us down the stairs, out the doors, and into the cafeteria. Oh no! We were trapped. What should we do? “Come-on, kids,” I cried, “ Attack the principal!” AAAHHHH!! POW! PANG! PING! PUNG! “Aaahh,” cried the principal, “ Stop! I’m your principal!! You must do what I say!”

“She’s right. Lets duck-tape her to the ceiling.” I said. So we stopped mobbing her and taped her to the ceiling. “Aaahh,” She said. ZZZZZPPPP, ZZZPPPP. “Can’t we all just get along?” She said. NNNOOOO!!! Suddenly the tape started to tear. RRRIIIPPPP. Uh Oh, AAAAHHHHH!! SPLAT!! One of the boys in the class, Cameron, stepped up and started playing TAPS on his bugle. We would miss her, but not really.

The End


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