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perhaps this is the one I should have used given my initial reaction to Minato's slid into muse subversion in the last chapter of Vermillion.

no idea what he's really saying but the facial expression probably comes close to matching mine when it happened.
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it occurred to me that, while I talk about the culprits regularly I should really give visuals.  Why?  Because.  So here's the last two.

Beatrice (aka 'Sweet Feet'): a hardened criminal who's deviancy includes sneaking into her sister's house to steal food, walking on top of her sister's house while her sister is trapped inside, and running, continuously, across her mother while said mother is trying to take a nap.

Bonzai (aka Little Red): sister to the notorious Sweet Feet, named for her throwing herself wildly from the hands of her owner at the time of adoption in a bid for freedom.  Other crimes include waiting at the bedroom door and making a break for it when the door opens to admit someone, robbing her mother of the use of a pillow by sleeping under it at nap time,  TWICE having escaped through the crack between the tub and the wall in order to give her mother a heart attack, general harassment of other hams including but not limited to toe biting, and knowing where the food is hidden and angling for chances to sit in the food box and stuff her cheeks. 

I'd include a picture of Booth that isn't just her butt as well but I think you'll be seeing plenty of those for the next month or two. 

siiiiigh, its not easy living with such evil but somebody's got to keep that Pandora's box shut.
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Just figured it out.  For new year's my resolution shall be...

to be neater.

And not in the 'cooler and more hip' kind of way but in the less cluttered type of way.  Not the 'put the knick knacks up on ebay' kind of way but in the 'throw away the envelopes that come with your bills because you know you pay everything online anyway' way.  Not in the 'cleaner' way because that would imply uncleanliness on my part originally and would also indicate more housework but in the 'throw away the Victoria Secret's catalog as soon as it comes instead of letting it sit on the bathroom counter for a month because you only ever ordered one thing out of it and that was for your Tifa cosplay because let's face it you need a LOT of help in one very physically specific way in that area and we're talking more help than even a Victoria's 'increase your cup size' bra can do for you' and you think everything is over priced in there anyway' kind of way.  In the 'do you ever even look at those free recipes you get in the mail', in the 'do you really need all that stationary when you haven't written a letter in over three years', in the 'good LORD! are those Outback restaurant drink mats you've saved?!' kind of way.  This year is the year I resolve to have fewer migrating piles of paper, random shirts 'just waiting to have a button sewn back on', and books stacked in bookcases instead of across whatever flat surface I happen to be walking passed at the time.

I would also like this to be the year I finally get a book published.

And a pony.  I want a pony.  Made of solid gold! 
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dag blast it, Minato....

have you ever had a character entirely change the direction of the story on you? I mean change the ENTIRE story direction so what little you did know is apparently now going to be abso-freakin-lutely mote? WTH, Minato!? Deciding you're going to make the fox fall in love with you so throws out the entire point of going to her grandfather's house to ransack his library! Which was the entire point of the story, baka! We're on Chapter 15 for pete's sake! You can't change the story now!

Someone obviously wasn't paying attention in the script meetings.

okay, I'm done. No. I'm not. Excuse me, I have to go kill a fictional character.

That does it, Cloud is SOOOOO getting the attention tonight!
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aka - my readers are sadists:

So far, we have (in order of arrival):

1. velvet (Sekihara Tae)
2. concupiscent (Sekihara Tae)
3. gyneolatry (Sekihara Tae)
4. potent (Valentine'sNinja)
5. wings (Valentine'sNinja)
6. misery (Valentine'sNinja)
7. diaphanous (Fairheartstrife)
8. syzygy (ObsessiveCompulsiveValkyrie)
9. Momus (or Momos) (mom calling)
10. hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian (Oreramar)(yeah, my spell check doesn't even recognize this one)
11. dragon (Oreramar)
12. mother (Oreramar)
13. amaranth (Oreramar)
14. purr (vluna)
15. panties (vluna)
16. umbrella (punkiemonkie)
17. loyal (peeka-chan)
18. miss you (peeka-chan)(peeka can get away with a sneaky two words because she edited my entire TWT and frankly, I'd give her just about anything she asked for after that)
19. buried (peeka-chan)

feel free to give me more - we're only about half of the way there so far with plenty of room to go. And - ps - happy thanksgiving to all!


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