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why do I keep getting 'Cloud' vibes from Lion-O?

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just out of curiosity - has anyone else been getting the 'provides access' responses to their posts?   Because this is the second one I've gotten and while the first was kind of an 'o-kay... go ahead and provide you children with access to my well thought out (and rather pointless) site' I've now gotten a second one which states:

'Brilliant blog post, lots of helpful knowledge.'

tacked on to the end of  'It's Not Much' and all I can think of is... 'this is a fanfiction site.   I hope people aren't getting helpful knowledge from it!'

I'm assuming bot - but it's a funny bot.

here.  Have some more helpful knowledge.

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People look at my sweet, sweet little boys and they wonder how any hamster could survive out in the wild.

Have a wild hamster.

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happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] laura_josephsen !  Would have been earlier but it was HARD to find anything you might not have already seen... and I got distracted with all the shiny.  So - first - cause I know you've seen it but it's never too much -

and secondly:

from PVPonline

because everyone needs a beautiful relationship like this with someone.
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ran across two trailers for the same movie.  One is for European audiences and one is for Asian ones.

I found the difference in 'story telling' in the set up fascinating.

Also found that I preferred the Asian one.

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it makes absolutely no sense but this makes me so happy for absolutely no reason I can think of.  And being happy is win!  So here - sharing is caring.

by Gr3im on YouTube
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it's not quite midnight yet - I'm still on time



a vision of the future

and hey - while I'm at it - you guys have to go over to her site on YouTube.  Not only does she do awesome vids with a very nice Cloti flavor but she's also gone through the trouble of uploading all the Cloud and/or Tifa moments from Crisis Core, Kingdom Hearts, AND Dirge.  'Cause she rocks like that ;)  Can't tell you how many times she's saved my skin when I'm writing something and can't remember a specific :D

heh - yeah, almost didn't get this up in time I was caught rewatching her vids - lol

happy birthday, raquel!!!
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To my very beloved and adored [livejournal.com profile] stairstothe7th .

I looked for big hair bands and FFVII - and this is what I got.  I hope you like it.

happy birthday from me and all the moogles hams!!  Stretch it out for as long as you can.  You deserve some happy!
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by CreativityBrilliance over on YouTube.  The shots aren't particularly unique but for some reason I love this - possibly because it's so strong!Tifa-centric.
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absolutely stole this clip from [livejournal.com profile] colindubya.  Cause it's awesome and so is she! 

so totally would love to see a Cloud spoof of this - guess I'll just have to imagine ;)
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It all started just before I was going to Texas.  I needed to buy a little bird feeder so I could be sure Booth could get water if she decided to ignore her water bottle.  As is my - stupid - wont I wandered over to look at the baby hamsters since I was at the pet store anyway.  All the hams were in their usual dog pile in one corner... except for one tiiiiiiny black bear all huddled up in the far corner. 

'Aw, lonely black bear' I thought, scooping it up.  After a brief attempt at jumping to freedom the little thing settled right in, all big ears and big eyes... and big sides. 

Now it's hard to tell with hamsters but this one sure looked pregnant and I thought 'crap, she's way too young and way too small to be pregnant.  That's life threatening kind of stuff.  And they've got her in the cage with the other hams too so we're talking high stress and if she manages to have babies, and she doesn't eat them, the others will'. 

So I brought her up to the front and pointed it out to the woman - and offered to buy her.  The woman flipped the little ham over on her back to get a good look at her and mentioned that the nipples hadn't popped yet so she had a couple more days until she gave birth.  I got a travel cage to go - since I was on my way to work - and off we all went.  Cute ham, sweet ham, very attentive and intelligent ham.  Got awwwed over a lot at work.  I brought her home and introduced her to the other hams and Ralf ATTACKED!!! her!  Luckily I've got fast hands - and hams - and so no harm was done but I found it kind of odd that my sweet, dense, laid back dude was aggressive.  Still, I settled her into a new house and she made it a point that, no matter the hour or day, if I walked into the room, she'd be by the door to greet me.  Her cage door, not my bedroom door.

Well, long story short, a few days later I suspected the ham wasn't pregnant after all, which was an obvious relief, and about two days before I left I realized why - and why pregnancy was NEVER going to happen to this one.  That's right, new years eve had apparently arrived and the ball (balls) had suddenly dropped. 

Yep, that's right.  Needless to say - 'Bonnie' needed a name change.  I wanted to go with Robin the Boy Wonder - but he wouldn't answer to it.  Bert however, he did answer to and so now I have a tiny Prince Albert in a Can (which is a monumentally ancient gag I would be surprised if anyone knew).  So there I am - three black bears, two of them boys when I'd sworn I wouldn't get boy hamsters.  Albert is being super attentive and sweet however and Booth absolutely adores him - even if he does try to hump her face because he's still working out how that thing goes...

ps - he not only cross dresses, he also thinks he's a bat-ham

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I finally made it home!

it was fun, it was busy, it was interesting (in a good way, not in the 'I can't think of anything good to say' way).  Still busy catching up but in the meantime, happy Passover, all!
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yeah, so I missed the 'moment of zen' last week and won't be around to post one this upcoming week either.  Cloudy-goodness to the rescue!

monty oum

Mar. 21st, 2010 03:42 am
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think I just heard Cloud have a heart attack.

Or three.


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